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Lapel Pins are effective for fundraising

Fundraising is a key component of attracting and maintaining a solid customer base. Company representatives often meet members of the public or group of prospective donors for the first time, so it is critical to make a good impression. A surprising way to provide a positive financial image to possible funders is by wearing lapel […]

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How to Properly Wear Lapel Pins

How To Wear A Lapel Pin The most popular type of appendage used in modern pins for creating that old fashioned look is a stick pin. It has a slim needle and a collar that’s able to slide up and down. This feature is used for the needle to secure and/or release the pin. Commonly […]

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Custom Lapel Pin Add-Ons

The latest trends nowadays, is to stand out from the crowd. From celebrities to tech moguls, people want to find ways to be unique in their own way. You don’t have to change yourself in order to make yourself stand out. One of the few ways to stand out is by taking a fashion risk. […]

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