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Custom Made Lapel Pins – Understanding The Different Styles

As a business owner, club adviser, or anyone else with the wish to design a lapel pin, settling on the right options for your creation stretch beyond colors, concept, and shape. Materials and features of cloisonne, die struck, screen print, and offset print lapel pins deserve careful consideration. Regardless of your design or promotional needs, […]

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The History of Nursing Lapel Pins

Nursing lapel pins have been given to nursing graduates to recognize their achievements as students since the 1800s. In 1880, nursing students at the Bellevue Hospital Training School for Nurses were honored at graduation with lapel pins when they officially became certified nurses. The First Nursing Pins In 1873, a member of the Board of […]

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Nursing Pins: How Nurses Display Their Accomplishments

When a person graduates from college or nursing school, their is a sense of pride and accomplishment. All of the years put into studies and working toward a particular goal have finally paid off. He or she came into the program as a freshmen and walked out as a nurse. They deserve a token of […]

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